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TOGETHER WE CAN DO GREAT THINGS. Help Child India Foundation is registered NGO under the act of Indian Public Trust Act (inception 2010). It is a non-profit organization that render help to thousands of underprivileged children to improve the society values.

For anybody of us who ever gone to school know how special it was to have new school bag, new books and other new study materials. It is probably a best way to start new academic year, however for many poor families in India the cost of school supplies is extremely stressful or impossible to render to their children. Attaining excellent education remain as a dream for many children.

India has highest number of school children, child labour and out of school children. Many families do not have enough resources to support their livelihood, hence parents fail to provide needy things to the children for the education. Many families, especially in slum and rural areas are too poor to buy school bags and educational supplies for their children.

Children are a country’s future. We must help them in order to prepare them for the better future. We want to help needy children so that they will grow in safe, friendly and healthy atmosphere. Every child deserves encouragement, joy and happiness. Their smiles are priceless. We humbly love to see smile on every child’s face. We are doing our best to bring an environment to the children that promote development and well being.

We started our journey in city Bangalore in India and our services are now extended to various villages in state Karnataka. In a nutshell, we are determined to take responsibility to build a world of child friendly atmosphere. We have a simple purpose to unite people to bring a change in children lives who need a change and a hope.

We have only one vision to improve the nation where all children attain high potential education. We are dedicated to bring smile in thousands of children lives who need help. Please support us to keep them smiling…..

Aims & Objective

“Lived for others, is a life worthwhile and we are in the world to support one another” is the vision we at Help Child India believe and consider this to be our prime motto in serving the community, by striding in the path to bring the underprivileged children into the mainstream by supporting and encouraging them. We at help child India focus to empower such children through education which has a long lasting change in society.

We aim to reach out more such children across the state through our awareness programs and various empowerment based activities. We hope to work in this regard to fortify the innocent children who are marginalized in the society and are a reason for some ones smile each day.

Help Child India is concerned and working towards objectives that strengthen different areas such as Social, Health, and Education etc where children are associated. In this regard we figure out plans and execute through various projects such as:

  • Distribution of School kits and study materials to children
  • Pre-School for children at free of cost
  • Financial support to educate underprivileged children
  • To provide free training on computer skills and spoken English class
  • Nutritional food and milk, nutritional powder provisions to children at free of cost
  • Health camps regularly
  • Hygiene and sanitation programs
  • Health awareness programs to eradicate malnutrition among children
Women Empowerment
  • To enable women to be self-reliant and economically independent
  • To provide training on tailoring skills at free of cost
  • To empower women in all verticals of life
Apart from this Help Child India is also working towards the rights of deprived women, through various women empowerment activities in order to enable her to be economically independent and self reliant in society.

Board Members

The league of extra ordinary who manage Help Child India Foundation are like minded Individuals, who has the passion to work for social cause. They have several years of experience in Non-Profit world. This enables the Foundation for a smooth operation as well as giving professional approach in every step.

Name Sex Date of Birth Country of Birth Position in the Board
SAINATH B S Male 27/07/1975 India PRESIDENT
SHEELA .H Female 05/05/1976 India TREASURER
KARTHIK G Male 03/01/1988 India SECRETARY
JEEVITHA G Female 02/03/1985 India VICE PRESIDENT
GEETHA C Female 17/01/1984 India JOINT SECRETARY


Registered under Indian Public Trust Act (inception 2010)

REG NO-BMH-4-00379/2010-2011


Help Child India Foundation PAN Card No-AAATH9078D (Please click here to see the Scan Copy of the PAN Card)

Registered with the Income Tax Department Under Section 80-G. (Please click here to see the Scan Copy of the Tax Department Under Section 80-G)

Registered with the Income Tax Department Under Section 12A(a). (Please click here to see the Scan Copy of the Tax Department Under Section 12A(a)

Registered under Foreign Contribution (FCRA) (Regulation) Act 2010. (Please click here to see the Scan Copy of the FCRA Certificate)

CSR-1 Registration Certificate mca. (Please click here to see the Scan Copy of the CSR-1 Registration Certificate mca)