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Help Child India foundation (R)
Help Child India Foundation is registered NGO under the act of Indian Public Trust Act ( Inception 2010). It is a non-profit organization that render help to thousands of underprivileged children to improve the society values. The organization is devoted in looking at the wider picture, not only to help one cause but to focus on related causes too. We hope by doing this there will be a positive impact on the community and encourage others to make a difference. We support with No Discrimination on cast and religion and hence all religions are respected equal with humanity. We believe that for change to happen it is necessary to touch the life of a child in its entirety.

Therefore, our development program consists of not just education but includes healthcare, nutrition, community involvement and career counseling. We are committed to offering the highest quality of care within these areas.

True Story 1

Help a Child in India


Jyothi now aged 4, hails from a poor family at Byrathi village Bangalore, Daughter of a painter who works for daily wages. This father doesn’t seem to optimistic in coloring his daughters future, unable to bear the financial brunt. When asked, Jyothi says ‘she wants to become an officer’, but how under such weak economical constraints hovering their heads. Help a Child in India

True Story 2

Help a Child in India

Keerthana and Joshuva

Keerthana and Joshuva, this cute brother-sister duo who hail from Gulbarga along with their parents, who work as laborers, now residing at Byrathi village in Bengaluru. Keerthana and Joshuva, both aged 5 & 3 aspires to become Police and Doctor respectively, such ambitions at a playful age really touches any one and their cute smiles melts the heart of any one. Help a Child in India

True Story 3

Help a Child in India


Nisha, aged 4, daughter of a poor auto-driver basically migrated from Andhra Pradesh, now staying in kyalasanahalli village, Bangalore. Little Nisha aspires to be doctor when she grows up, not aware of poor financial condition of her father, who finds himself in such a condition, wherein he cannot afford to a quality education at a primary level nor he could step back discouraging his little one from achieving her dream. Help a Child in India